Machinery Maintenance

Machinery Maintenance is a software application that efficiently monitors, manages, and plans the maintenance of each vessel. Proper maintenance of on-board machinery ensures smoother operation, better logistic control, and reduced break down costs.

Purchasing Management

Purchase management solution is a shipping supply chain management solution. The system enables effective management of purchasing, and allows for complete control over the purchasing process, including approval chain procedures and integration with third party finance systems.   Real-time updates ensure cost effective operation, better logistic control, and reduced costs.

Inventory Control

Increase productivity and eliminate errors by effectively monitoring and managing the organizations full range of inventory. The system supports barcode scanners to enable real time updating of inventory with minimum effort.

Technical Budget & Cost Control

Technical budget and cost control solution is an application that actively monitors, evaluates and predicts the cost control process. Proper monitoring of process ensures cost effective operations and improved cost control.

Business Intelligence

The technical management dashboard enables managers to analyse data and identify trends by performing drill down analysis and create ‘what if’ scenarios.

The Business Intelligence components are a toolkit enabling shipping companies to analyse and report on key data elements on the operation. The solution makes it possible to perform drill down analysis, sport trends, and to create meaningful reports out of business data.


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