Commercial voyage viability analyser

Pre-Fixture is an advanced chartering application designed to analyse the commercial viability of a proposed voyage.

The application covers the wide spectrum of commercial and operational functionality that a modern shipping company needs to calculate and forecast profit or loss for a voyage.

It calculates all expenses and income involved during a voyage, and can also simulate the best-case freight rate, check the spot bunker price and trends, include weather forecasts, and simulate expected fuel/diesel oil prices.

Why Pre-Fixture?

Find the optimal voyage

The application uses advanced algorithms to find the optimal voyage. Having Pre-Fixture gives you a competitive advantage in terms of analysing and fixing cargo. The voyage comparison module creates the optimal cost-benefit analysis, facilitating comparisons between several simulations of different voyages

Be updated

All branches share the same updated information thanks to synchronisation between Windows and the web-based application. This ensures better stability during times of low Internet connectivity and gives all users a 360-degree view of proposed voyages

Make quick and well-founded decisions

Extra features such as map viewer and vessel tracker functions help you make quick and sound decisions as information on vessel location and planned voyages is available to users without the need for human interaction

Exchange data securely

Secure data communication among users for every transaction, with access-determined privileges.

Integrate easily

Pre-Fixture is integrated with Post-Fixture and Vessel Tracker, and the module is easy to integrate with other third-party systems

Save time

The approval of a voyage can be initiated at several levels, and automatic email alerts inform users of new updates. This eases the process of voyage approval, as less human communication is needed in the approval process

Based on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SOA helps organisations respond faster and more cost-effectively to changing market conditions as the SOA makes it possible to look at a problem holistically, e.g. by integrating all services in a purchase, such as Purchasing Department,
Finance Department, and Store Admin, in one single process

Basic features

  • Profit/loss analysis, heavy weather calculation, Monte Carlo simulation and bunker price calculation
  • Provision to save and calculate edited routes and distances in the map-viewer
  • Map-viewer with current vessel location, port information and pirated areas listed
  • Rich Geographic Information System (GIS) based distance features
  • Laytime calculations
  • Customisable vessel list, cargo list, agent list, and currency exchange rate management
  • Export/import to/from Microsoft Excel ©
  • Break-even freight rate calculations
  • Retrieve previous revisions of calculations
  • Easy Management Information System (MIS) Integration