Operational Voyage Viability Analyser

Post-Fixture is an application used to manage voyage operations and to calculate and maintain financial information during a voyage. The application helps the operations department to obtain daily reports for a given voyage and track the expenses involved. The application calculates all real-time expenses,

payments and cash flows, and can also track consignment, bunker purchase, speed, invoicing, and conduct, demurrage, or despatch calculations.

Why Post-Fixture?

Keep track of expenses & cargo

Post-Fixture helps you keep track of all voyage-related expenses and cargo in a competitive environment

Get a 360-degree view of operations

NETS Post-Fixture is a web-based application that integrates with other modules such as Noon reporting, Voyage Reporting, and Pre-fixture. This gives the user a 360-degree view of real operations and their impact

Support sound decisions

extra features such as the map viewer and vessel tracker help you take quick and sound decisions; information on vessel location and planned voyages enables the users to get an overview of voyages without being delayed by human interaction

No need for third-party systems

the application can be used directly with Microsoft Excel © based voyage-reporting systems, without the need of third-party voyage management or noon reporting systems

See the complete picture

Post-fixture offers Geographic Information System (GIS) based vessel and consignment tracker with drill-down features. This enables the user to drill down in the data to easily reach the desired level of information

Keep track of financial data

The application obtains financial data, which enables users to keep track of financial data such as statement of accounts,
cash-flows, invoices, laytime calculations, and statement of facts

Validate entries

The application automatically checks the integrity of entries and reports back if the numbers are unusual. This ensures greater data integrity as human errors are easily detected

Flexible entry

Manual as well as automatic data capture and reporting, with editable and user defined reports

Based on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SOA helps organisations respond faster and more cost-effectively to changing market conditions as the SOA makes it possible to look at a problem holistically, e.g. by integrating all services in a purchase such as Purchasing Department,
Finance Department, and Store Admin in one single process

Basic features

  • Real-time vessel tracking with animations and routes
  • Cash flow alerts, daily noon reports, vessel monitoring, and pre-fixture mapping
  • User-based access privileges
  • Provides port restriction, bunker suppliers, and other extensive information databases
  • Status alerts
  • Activity-based document checklist
  • Import/export data from/to Microsoft Excel ©
  • Exhaustive reporting and analysis of data such as DNRs, cash flow, hire/purchase, vessel/cargo tracking
  • Integrated with Pre-fixture, NETS Consignment Tracking, and Voyage Management