Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (NHRM) is a Web-based application that assists the management of all manpower at offices, onboard and in the field on a common and secure platform.

The application gathers employee data accessible to both HR Managers and individual employees. NHRM has many unique features such as employee strength counter, dynamic letter template creation, auto alert management, attrition
reports, e-leave, employee handbook, and Performance Management.

Why Personnel Resource Management?

Dynamic report creation and generation

If you need customised reports for a specific department, the NHRM system can create a template in which data on different employees can be plotted automatically. These reports can be automatically emailed to individual mail accounts.

Easy integration

the whole system is integrated, but the modules can also work alone. All modules allow for effortless integration with third-party systems.

Based on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SOA helps organisations respond faster and more cost-effectively to changing market conditions as the SOA makes it possible to look at a problem holistically, e.g. by integrating all services in a purchase – such as Purchasing Department,
Finance Department, and Store Admin – in one single process.



an online employee leave management module where employees can apply for leave and have it approved through the Web. The module also keeps track of entitled, consumed, remaining, and carried forward leaves automatically and creates reports based on the user’s preferences.


A 360-degree online appraisal module where individual and departmental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be dynamically assigned, edited, and deleted. Final appraisal reports (for individuals and departments alike) can be viewed as a subjective document (manager’s comments) or graphically illustrated (as scores on a scale) . The system follows an appraisal continuity process.


An online test module where questions (both multiple choice and text answers) can be dynamically created and assigned to examinees. Timing and the number of question can be set while assigning the test. The module automatically ends the test after the assigned time has passed and can conduct various statistical analyses on the data output.


An online document system where Human Resource (HR) policies and rules are kept. The Admin user can add, edit, or delete documents, while general users only have the possibility to view, print and convert files into PDF.