Marine software solutions

Full service partner

North East Group has a unique team that understand both shipping and software development. This ensures a profound understanding of the business, processes and the ability to transform the knowledge into simply to use, yet advanced software solutions.

Our maritime software is highly modular, giving you the possibility to choose a system solution covering your specific needs. Each solution is customized to fit your exact requirements, and integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

Our solutions will improve turn-around time, shorten sailed distances, provide real-time information, calculations, and control maintenance requirements and purchase. It will ease decision making by giving access to real time operations data that involves both the shore and ship based organisation.

We will configure your system, convert any existing data, and test and train your organisation. And we do not leave till everything works and you are ready to reap the benefits of your solution.

Tested worldwide

Our marine software solutions are used worldwide by leading shipping enterprises. Service is handled from our offices in Denmark, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and India – but wherever you are, we will come to you.

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