Privacy policy

This privacy policy describes your rights as a visitor of this website, regarding the information we collect through website cookies. Furthermore, it provides information on how to influence the type of information, we collect.

When using our website and services, and thereby allowing us to collect information, we have the opportunity to make our services more relevant for the users and adapt the content to your needs.

This Privacy Policy gives you insight into how we use the collected information and how to protect your privacy.

Information we collect

  • The information you give us
  • The information we collect from you

Information we collect from you

When visiting our website, we collect information concerning your navigation through the site. The information concern time, place, content and information about the website you have visited before entering our website. Our cookies collect following information:

  • type of browser
  • operating system
  • IP address
  • Visited pages on our website
  • Time of the visit
  • Last visited website
  • Type of connection (modem, ISDN, ADSL etc.)
  • Screen resolution

Furthermore, our cookies are used in connection with re-marketing. Thus, information from our cookies do not contain private information, which can be used to identify you as a person – e.g. private address, e-mail address and surname – unless you have given us this information. NEG does not sell or pass on personal information to a third party. If we wish to use your information for purposes other than as described in this Privacy Policy, we will ask for your consent.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a passive data file, which is stored on your computer, phone or the like, for the purpose of a given website to recognize your computer, next time you visit the website. Cookies cannot contain viruses or other malicious programs. They are only used as a tool for analyzing how the website is used by the visitors.

You can read more about cookies here

How to avoid NEG cookies?

It is possible to avoid cookies from NEG. Cookies are only used to enhance your experience with our website and provide you with additional services.

If you wish to reject the use of cookies on your computer, you can read more here.

However, please be aware that there will be some functionalities of our website, which you will no longer be able to use. We hope to receive your acceptance of our cookies, as they are a great source of help for the improvement of our website, in order to be able to meet your needs.

Future changes?

The cookie legislation, which came into force in May 2012, is not yet final valid. If changes are added to our Privacy Policy, these will be published on this site. In case of major changes, these will otherwise be visible on our website.