Professional services

Our job is to help maritime organizations strengthen their technical teams, increase operational excellence, improve business processes and gain return on investment

Strategic consultancy

NEG brings expertise and clear thinking to the most complex issues facing technical organizations today.

Our experience from shipping operations, executive management, maintenance and cost control enables us to give a qualified second opinion on your business processes, supply chain management and organization.

We focus on finding solutions and opportunities that will help you become more effective.

Professional services

Our team has both the technical and operational understanding of your situation and the unique challenges a modern maritime operation faces, combined with many years experience in system development and delivery.

We focus not only on delivering software, but to deliver value – and we do not leave until we have done just that, and the organization is ready and able to gain the benefits.

NEG offers a proven implementation methodology from the beginning of the operational review until the solution ‘goes live’.

Once the implementation is complete, we provide long-term customer support through several channels, including 24/7 end user support.

Implementation services

NEG offers a range of implementation services that ensure that you get the most of our solutions.

Project Management

A North East project manager will be responsible for ensuring that project requirements are communicated and understood and milestones are met.

The project manager will be the key point of contact for the client during the project. We strongly recommend that clients also assign a project manager.  The two project managers will work together to ensure that the full solution is delivered as agreed.

Operational review and system design

The first phase of the implementation involves a complete review of clients existing operations, processes and requirements and the finalization of the scope of work. Our project team will gather information during their on-site visits.

The project team will also identify required customizations, including possible new features and functionality and customized reports and interfaces.

Software customization

Customizations that are required to the software for this project will be specified and developed by North East and approved by the client. We will customize and internally test the new features and/or functions and will install them during the installation process.


The recommended hardware and system software for the proposed system will be finalized during the operational review. North East will provide consulting services to review the hardware and network software that is installed and to ensure that the system is optimized for the applications.

The generic software will be installed and customizations will be implemented. Standard and custom interfaces and reports will also be installed and tested on clients network.

We and the client will both review and approve the implemented software before training is conducted.

Data establishment and conversion

We will electronically import information as supplied to us in a North East compatible format to reduce the amount of data entry required.


North East will develop, with input from clients training programs specifically designed for their personnel.  The training will consist of formal theoretical instruction and hands-on experience using real data. The training for the proposed products will be comprised of the following sessions:

End User Training

End users include all employees who use the software to support their daily tasks. End user training can be further customized to apply to the job function of individual users or user groups.

System Administration Training

System administrators are responsible for maintaining and configuring the NETS environment.  These users will be trained to create user accounts, maintain and adjust system parameters and configure workstations for optimal use:

  • Acceptance testing: Acceptance testing is designed as a final verification that there are no errors or omissions in the system requirements definition and to identify and resolve data entry errors
  • Go-live support: We will be present during the go-live session and will not leave till the client know what to do and is ready to reap the benefits of the solution
  • Long term support programme: Separate from the Software Maintenance agreement, we will provide support for a period of one year from the date each component is being used in a ‘production’ environment

The program has extended telephone support for the system.  Corrections to software deficiencies, generic product upgrades and access to the North East Internet customer care service are also included in the program.

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