Crew Management

Crew Management (NCM) is an advanced software application designed to optimise crew management.

It constitutes a complete personnel system covering the wide spectrum of functions required by modern shipping companies.

The module gives the ship staff a powerful tool for keeping track of crew operations on the ship, organising data such as performance evaluation records, payroll details, crew rest hours and appraisals.

Why Crew Management?

Integrated with banking system

payrolls and salary debit can be auto-integrated with almost all banking systems. NCM collects crew working hours, leaves, cash payments, and all other salary-related items and automatically creates payrolls that are sent to the bank – without any
human intervention.

Real-time data

the system ensures that all users – whether at the main office, branch offices, or on the vessel – share the same updated crew and payroll information. This helps the management of human resources on issues such as transfer, promotion and rehiring.

Minimise communication costs

updates are converted into XML files that are then zipped to make the file size very small (e.g. <8kb). This makes it possible to send files through low satellite bandwidths at much lower cost.

Ensures Quality

having NCM on board is an essential part of the Quality Management System (QMS) as the quality of operations is largely dependent on a thorough evaluation of operational efficiency and risk.

Legal compliance

the system is in compliance with TMSA, MLC 2010, and other conventions. This gives the management assurance of security for its crew and operations.

Easier analysis

the system offers risk-based evaluation in quantitative measures that are easy to compare and analyse.

Keep track of expiry dates

alarms are set for the expiry dates of all crew-related certificates (passports, visas, etc.) and the module automatically reminds the captain to set up dates for auditors to issue new certificates.

Easy integration

provision for effortless integration with third-party systems.

Based on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SOA helps organisations respond faster and more cost-effectively to changing market conditions as the SOA makes it possible to look at a problem holistically, e.g. by integrating all services in a purchase – such as Purchasing Department,
Finance Department, and Store Admin – in one single process.

Basic Features

  • Provision for riding crew
  • Customisable and proactive crew sign-off alerts
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) based crew mapping
  • Details of crew rest hours, crew appraisal, automatic bank salary credits, and more